Stalking the illusive Ghost Orchid...

The original Ghost Orchid photo was taken in 2006
during a tour of my friend, and fellow artist/
photographer, Rick Cruz's very own 'Cruz Slough'.
This is an area in the Fakahatchee Strand of the
Everglades where Rick (who specializes in
photographing endangered species) was
the first to see the awesome Ghost Orchids in bloom.
The mystery and mystique of the Ghost Orchid is
what has made this such a popular plant, and
from my own experience in trekking along with Rick
and Paula, just finding your way in and out of the
swamp and jungle-like terrain adds excitement and
adventure to the story!
During that same visit, I photographed "Paula's Hawk",
(which will also be available soon). This was another
memorable experience during the Everglades expedition.
This particular hawk seemed to be following, or guiding
Paula to certain areas. It definitely wanted her attention.
I always refer to one of my favorite books, 'Animal Speak'
by Ted Andrews, when there is an animal encounter
like this.

I shoot the original photo (sometimes digital, but usually
prefer the quality and feel of my old, 35 mm film camera)
and then, depending upon what energies I see and feel
in the image, I enhance and digitally airbrush it to share
my vision.
This work is about the magic of nature's "energy", seeing
its vibration in the contrast of light and shadow on the
colors of a flower, the patterns and textures of leaves,
trees, rocks, clouds. I am awed by our surroundings and
through my work, I am able to share the magic of nature.

I have a series of Everglades images and many
'Shark Valley' landscapes.
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COPYRIGHT:This image is copyrighted by Debra Cortese 2006. Any copyright mark that appears here is NOT on actual print.
This is a limited edition, archival giclee on canvas. It is signed and numbered by the artist. The shipped canvas size is approximately 16 x 22 inches with the main live image area to be exhibited at 12 x 18 inches. The artwork will be shipped in a tube and you will then need to have it stretched and framed to complement your decor.

Ghost Orchid Angel 'e'
12" x 18" mixed media photo/digital painting, limited edition of 250 giclees on canvas

GHOST ORCHIDS IN THE NEWS: Discovery of a rare, multi-flower
"ghost orchid" at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in Naples, Florida,
(read article) here

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