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Little One©, a curious young child with a profound respect for nature challenges you to see beyond the ordinary - to see the magic of a flower and to imagine what the spirit of that flower would look like! Trees, water, rocks, clouds, plants of all kinds come alive in the enchantingly enhanced nature photographs by artist/author, Debra Cortese.

In a ‘Where’s Waldo-like’ interactive dialog, Little One and her companions, Snake, Fox, and Bird ask the reader to look closely at the accompanying pictures and answer questions like these:

“How many Cloud Spirits can you find in the sky?”
“Is there an alligator spirit hiding in the distance?”;
“Can you find a bear spirit-face in the bushes?”

Imagination and nature come together in this entertaining and educational picture book which features locations in the Florida Everglades at Shark Valley, Long Pine Key and Fakahatchee Strand, and at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Biscayne Bay, Pinecrest Gardens, Crandon Park Nature Preserve, Biscayne Nature Preserve, Biscayne National Park, in private gardens, yards and along roadsides, wherever a ‘Nature Spirit’ habitat exists!

Gnomes, Angels, Fairies, Sprites, and other delightful creatures come to life as Little One shares her magical view of the forests, fields, waters and sky. As children engage in finding and sharing the Nature Spirits, their imaginations will be stimulated and a unique appreciation for nature will emerge!

Little One poses one final question that is not answered in the book:

“Can you see any Nature Spirits in your neighborhood?”


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“Little One and the Nature Spirits© of South Florida”
is the first children’s book by Debra Cortese.

She intends to create a series which will feature:
the Green Mountains of Vermont Nature Spirits;
New York’s Catskill Mountain Nature Spirits,
Nature Spirits of the Deserts,
of Hawaii, Italy, and wherever else the travels of Little One and her companions
inspire the spirits of Nature to reveal themselves!

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