See and feel the vibrations
of our environment
in these magical,
by Debra Cortese.

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Sharing the Magic in Nature
"Everything on our planet shares a core energy, a vital life force that animates and supports all growth and renewal. In nature, when this energy is balanced and uninhibited by human interference, the flow is smooth, perfection exists.When I am truly in touch with nature, the feelings I experience are incredibly magical, full of wonder and joy! I create the nature and plant spirit images to share these feelings, and to instill a greater respect for the immense value of our natural environment."

Nature's Energy
The 'e' series are my newest works. These are more stylized depictions of the nature energies, (the familiar faces of gnomes, fairies, and devas are still camoflaged within their natural habitats as in my previous work), but now the plants, leaves and trees vibrate in pixels and reflections, some whole, some fragmented. There are multiple dimensions and overlapping realities.
Nature entrances me. The harmony, patterns of symmetry, geometry, vibrant and soothing colors. Her protective camoflage for flora and fauna, healing energies, medicinal properties, the intricate beauty...
I create art to share these observations, and to expand awareness of how incredibly awesome and beneficial the environment is to all of us."

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 All of the Nature's Energy Images shown are original photo~paintings created by Debra Cortese.

All images copyright Debra Cortese. All rights reserved. No reproduction without written permission.


updated June 2008