NEWSLETTER & Holiday Specials ........................................ WINTER 2008

Earlier this year I got a bit carried away with a Mango art
project and instead of one new artwork, it turned into
a series of 10 images. Well, I've done it again with Tomatoes!
There's something about photographing edible art
on the back patio that justs gets the creative mode
into full gear. I enjoy every step of the process, from
picking or shopping for the subjects (tomatoes in this case)
to posing them with my favorite garden props
then slicing or chopping them into a favorite recipe
and best of all, we actually get to eat the models!
(hmmn...could sound a bit twisted taken out of context!)
Oh, and of course I love working on the images,
as you can see from the new Tomato artworks .

I'm happy to print a custom size that fits your space.
Just contact me and let me know what you need.

Remember the ART FOR THE ANIMALS Project?

In my effort to give up taking in strays, (we currently have 7 cats and at least
5 other dogs and cats have lived or been fostered here in the last year),
I realized the stray and abandoned pets situation is way bigger than any individual can handle. So, decided to volunteer with Miami-Dade Animal Shelter. Only problem is, I'm too much of an emotional sponge when it comes to seeing the sad, scared, lonely, injured, and even the happy, playful dogs, cats, puppies and kittens caged and waiting for someone to love them.
So, my volunteer contribution was to create a calendar and some products to help raise awareness of the challenges and possibilities in finding new homes for the
HUNDREDS of pets that wind up in the shelter EVERY DAY!

Please help these animals by purchasing YOUR FAVORITE calendar, t-shirt or mug from the Art For The Animals shop at Cafepress. I'm donating 50% of the profits to the Shelter for more education and great programs like Pet Detectives that find and reunite lost pets and their owners. I'm using the other 50% to be able to continue creating more products until all the animals are safe and loved. Yes, I am an idealist - most of the time!
Winter Giveaway
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"Ferns & Leaves Classic Totebag"

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I created Ferns & Leaves in early fall of this year and it quickly
became one of my most popular bag designs. It's available on
Laptop Bags, Beach Totes and Backpacks in addition to the Classic Tote style shown here.

The winning member's name for the Winter GIVEAWAY will be drawn
on December 31st. The winner will be notified by phone or email
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If you would like to purchase
"Ferns & Leaves Classic Tote" or any of my Cortese Design Bags go to Nature's Energy Cortese Designs webpages
where you can safely and securely purchase online. All orders process through my PayPal account. If you prefer, you can order by phone or mail.

for handbags, paintings, prints and cards click here for details

Cortese Design Bags on the Catwalk in Miami

click images to see bag style and design.
Read the 'story' here. Fashion White Party Model pics here.

Let me know your opinions about Shelter Pets, Honey Bee rescues, Fashion Shows, Gardening and do comment on the latest art and bag designs. It makes the stories much better and keeps me informed beyond my sometimes limited sphere of reality.
I love the stories. They are the -why- of the art!

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Great Marketing Info For Artists

I participated in Alyson Stanfield's Art Marketing workshops online last year and she truly knows how to get the best marketing exposure for the least cost. Her new book, “I’d Rather Be In The Studio” is packed full of business and marketing information for your art career. I highly recommend taking any of her workshops.

A Handcarved Tagua nut seahorse
by Susan Goracy of Whimsical Creations

Broken Fingers Art & Jewelry

"Tidal Wave Earrings" - by Erin Inglis

Fun, funky, handpainted jewelry at very reasonable prices.
Visit Erin's store on Etsy and as soon as you see something you like, buy it! These sell almost as soon as they're online.
(btw... she's one of my very talented daughters ;-)

Heliconia stricta -
Dwarf Jamaican
original watercolor by Pauline Goldsmith

See Pauline's original art, prints and cards online at
Goldsmith Galleries

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