Energy of the Nobel Peace Prize

October 12th was one of the most positive news days
we have experienced in years. On that day, the world
shared the energy of the Nobel Peace Prize that was awarded
to Al Gore and the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel
on Climate Change
for their work to raise awareness about the
effects of global warming.
On that day, regardless of politics, statistics, and personal opinions,
the collective energy of the world was focused on the health and
of our 'home'.

In my desire to perpetuate the flow of positive, healthy energy for
our earth, I have dedicated a new work,
"Rainbow Women Peace Energy"
to the IPCC and to Al Gore, (who by virtue of following his personal
truth and passion has become the recognized spokesperson for the
health and sustainability of our incredibly awesome planet)
especially to our vibrant and very a'live' Mother Earth!

Rainbow Women Peace Energy, is a derivative photopainting based
on a pastel image that I created many years ago. In reflecting a
core image to the Four Directions, its energy multiplies and becomes
exponentially more powerful. The heart area appears torn and exposed,
revealing vulnerability and openness.The Women face outward to the
Four Directions. Their combined energies vibrate love, compassion,
healing, peace, and harmony.
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'Rainbow Women Peace Energy'
a photopainting by Debra Cortese
copyright 2007
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