Plant Spirit Images are original photo/graphic works created by Debra Cortese specifically for the giclée method of reproduction. Giclée (zee-clay) is French for "to spray" and this name was given to this method of plateless fine art printing which was developed in 1989 by IRIS Graphics. It is also the registered trade name for the Iris printer, although the term is currently used in a more comprehensive fashion for high-end inkjet technology by various manufacturers. Giclée prints have become renowned worldwide due to the superior resolution of 1800 dpi and the rich saturation of pigment or dye onto virtually any professional artist substrate that will accept water-based inks (canvas, specialty papers, silk, etc.) This technology produces incredible detail and brilliant color because the giclée printer uses a continuous stream of minute ink droplets at various sizes to suffuse the ink onto the canvas without need for an additional coating to the substrate. The rich look and feel of original fine art on each and every giclée is the result. This printing process represents cutting-edge technology in fine art printing. The separate print nozzles apply microscopic drops of overlapping ink colors independently, each drop measuring one-tenth of the diameter of a single human hair. Plant Spirit Imatges are produced using only archival inks and with proper care (no direct sunlight, moisture, dirt, etc.) will retain their original colors well beyond 100 years!

(Note: the watermark© info that appears on the web images will NOT appear on your Plant Spirit Image.)
last revised January 2005
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