the Gnomes.. with their Artists!

How To Take Home A Gnome!*

Omar Pichs , Mixed Media Gnome
Rick Cruz - Photography/Mixed Media Everglades Gnome
UTA - Mixed Media, Environmental Earth Gnome
Michele & Pom Van Grondelle - Mixed Media, Beauty Queen Gnome
Debra Cortese - Acrylic Painting, Plant Spirit Gnome with Magic Crystal and Faerie
Clara Poupel - Painting, Cuddly Love Gnome
Adriana Tio - Glass Mosaic

King Nibelung Gnome

Suelyn Chong - "Noel" the leaf Gnome
Ilyssa Del Busto - painting "picasso-ish Gnome"
Patty Kelly - painting "pollock-y Gnome"
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Marilyn Caputo - collage World Traveller Gnome
~ Plant Spirit Images ~

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